Koha ILS

Using the Log Viewer Tool in Koha

Here is a short Koha tutorial video on the purpose of the Log Viewer Tool, how to set it up and how to view your logs.

The Log Viewer tool logs keep track of transaction on the system. You can decide which actions you want to log and which you don’t using these preferences.

To set up which logs you would like:

  1.  Koha Administration Module
  2. Global System Preferences
  3. Logs
  4. Here are the list of the logs that can be marked as “Don’t Log” or “Log”
  5. Caution- the cataloging log is very intensive due to the amount of transactions it holds.  If this a log that you may want to turn on, please contact Bywater Solutions about this.
  6. Save your changes

To view your Logs:

  1. Tools
  2. Log View Tool
  3. Enter in the information in the form- including borrower number, module, which action, specific date range, etc.
  4. Display on the Screen or Download as a File
  5. Run this log.
  6. Details on the logs are sometimes difficult to read due to a lot of code language.  If you have problems reading your logs or questions with a log you viewed, please create a ticket and Bywater Solutions will contact you!

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